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Ugo Smith

Ugo Smith, a digital marketer obsessed with the online since the 90's having connected his first computer using a 56K modem in his teens. He has been working since early 2007 with top brands across EMEA, leading him to a natural professional evolution towards agency side. He then ventured into co-founding in 2010 eStudio34 where he leads the search teams and where he specialised in mobile analytics amongst other search related marketing activities.

Alisa Nikitina

Álvaro Gomez works closely with some of the largest digital agencies in Spain, helping them driving growth and empowering them to give excellent client service to their advertisers.

Graduated with dual-honors in Law and Business Management at the Carlos III University of Madrid, and thanks to previous professional experience in London, Brussels and Seoul, Alvaro is Google's Mobile Lead in Spain in charge of helping Spanish advertisers thrive in the new mobile paradigm.

Álvaro Gómez

David Jordan

David Jordan is a Business Innovation leader with a strong experience in Mobile Monetisation and AdTech areas. He has been connected to online industry for more than 10 years in companies such as Dell, Softonic and Happyforce. Currently, David is leading the Affiliate Business at Billy Mobile, the leading performance affiliate platform built for maximising the revenue of any publisher Mobile traffic.

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This new event dedicated to mobile acquisition for apps is launching on Friday the 3rd of March right after Mobile World Congress in Typeform´s beautiful offices.

If you are a digital marketer and decided to make the most out of Barcelona´s sunshine or you are a local who didn’t get enough of the MWC...COME! to our event to hear some of the weeks most inspiring talks and wrap it off with some beers.

First up Google´s top mobile experts will be telling us How to Reach Your App Promotion KPIs with Google. The presentation will include an overview on the new mobile trends, Adwords latest tools as well as an overview of Firebase.

eStudio34 will them be presenting our case study on Job Today´s mobile acquisition campaign which will cover how in a matter of 6 months we made AdWords the best performing digital channel and in doing so achieving industry record low CPAs and collateral improvements in their ASO. During the chat, we will be reviewing how we used Search, Display, YouTube, Universal and Sapphire campaigns in combination and coherence with offline channels including TV, radio and street signage to get the best performance.

If this sounds your type of gig get your ticket fast as we only have 100 tickets - first come first serve!

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How to get there

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3rd of March 2017


Typeform HQ Bac de Roda, 163 Barcelona

3rd of March 2017


Typeform HQ 

Bac de Roda, 163 Barcelona

The Organisers

eStudio34 is an online marketing agency founded in 2010 in London which now has its headquarters in Barcelona. Our main goal is to accelerate the mobile growth of our clients through mobile acquisition campaigns including SEM, ASO, SMM & SEO strategies. We have a team with an authentic passion for digital marketing, personality and a huge ambition to be one of the most recognized names in the field of European marketing.

As Premium Google Partner this year we were nominated for the Mobile Performance Award for our case study on Job Today's campaign. Some of our other mobile clients include the likes of Cabify & 4YFN. 

As a mobile centric marketing agency, we participate in the Mobile World Congress and work closely with Numa and Mobile World Capital to strengthen the start-up community in Spain.

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Alisa is a Business Development Manager for Mobile App Partnerships team @Google who works with Mobile-First agencies all over EMEA region.

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